Afro Deli has always taken great pride in working with and giving back to the community. We are proud residents of the West Bank area and feel the pain of our neighbors. By now, everyone is aware of the unfortunate fire that took the lives of 2 of our neighbors and injured several others.

What isn't making news yet, is the great response from our whole community to support and help one another as the victims and their families recover. We are proud to do our part to support the organizations, elected officials and neighborhood residents that have stepped up to help those affected by the fire.

To help in the recovery, we will donate 10% of all our sales for a week directly to the Cedar-Riverside Fire Victims Fund. This promotion will begin Saturday, January 4th until Saturday, January 11th. So make sure to stop in, eat some food and help in any other way you can! 

If you can do more, please reach out to one of the following organizations for other ways to help.

Their will also be a benefit organized for West Bank fire victims on Jan. 24 at the Cedar Cultural Center.

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