We believe in people and food.

That’s why we treat our customers like family first and actively work to improve our community in thoughtful ways. As a part of the community, Afro Deli directly supports initiatives and organizations that do good locally and across the world.

Afro Deli serving food at George Floyd Square

Community is OUR Core

Whether it’s federal employees affected by a shut down, students not able to attend school, or family members losing out. on opportunities because of the. pandemic — we believe everyone deserves a good meal.

We are thankful to have partners who feel the same!

Partner with us

Our commitment to community and public good is core to our mission so we’re always looking for ways to do more. We believe in collaboration and the power of doing more together so we’re always open to new partnerships. Send us an email and get the conversation started.

View a list of some of our current partners.

Feeding Community Initiative

Feeding Community is a grassroots initiative to provide nutritious, culturally appropriate meals to our most vulnerable community members in the Twin Cities metro area. Help us fight hunger and food insecurity in the Twin Cities by distributing thousands of meals daily to our neighbors in need.

Go to the website to learn more