We are proud to partner with the Kitchen Coalition to serve needed culturally-appropriate meals to our neighbors across the Twin Cities. With their support, we have been able to serve even more people across the metro and we plan to continue serving throughout 2022.

Please support our work with a donation to Kitchen Coalition!

More About the Kitchen Coalition

The Kitchen Coalition, a program of Second Harvest Heartland, serves up culturally connected, freshly prepared meals and a whole new way to fight hunger.

We know that not everyone facing hunger has the home, health, or ability to use the groceries our food bank offers. This includes individuals and families with inconsistent access to a kitchen, people with challenges caused by physical mobility issues or illness, or those who are managing a crisis, challenge or time of transition.

So, we’ve built a network of local restaurants and caterers who turn food bank ingredients into nutritious, freshly prepared meals. Then, trusted nonprofits get those meals to neighbors on a predictable schedule.

A donation of $25 to the Kitchen Coalition can provide ready-made dinner for a family of five in need.

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