We’re proud to continue growing as a company because it means we can reach even more people. One of the ways we have been exploring for the last two years is the grab-and-go products. We’ve been proud to partner with Hudson Group over the last year and now we would like to offer a complete grab-and-go experience.

We want to help our busy customers who need convenient and healthy options on the run. We’re looking at partnering with co-ops, coffee shops,  convenience stores, gas stations, and any other location looking to offer their customers convenient, tasty options. 

We use the freshest ingredients and work with local suppliers to ensure we give you the highest quality experience. Our products include delicious sandwiches, crisp entree salads, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruits and veggie mixes.

We'll have a complete list soon but for now, you can try out our products at Afro Deli or at Metro Petro Gas Station in Minneapolis. If you're interested in carrying Afro Deli products, we'd love to talk to you. Please get in touch here.

Metro Petro Gas

Kahin and Mia at Metro Petro GasGet It First at Metro Petro!

We’re proud to partner with Metro Petro Gas for our initial role out of products. You can visit them at 2700 University Ave SE in Minneapolis. We’re excited to provide their customers new healthy options and look forward to a long-term relationship.